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Common Sense of Car Maintenance

Is your radiator thirsty?

The radiator contains coolant that keeps your engine's temperature under control, and it can be checked visually. Let’s talk about how. Find the coolant reservoir under the hood. It is also made of translucent material, marked with "min" and "max" lines, and is most likely holding a green fluid. When the engine is cool, the coolant level should reside between the lines. If it's low, buy some antifreeze and top it off. Never attempt to refill the cooling system through the radiator cap. If the engine is warm, loosening the radiator cap can cause it to spit back scalding water. Always refill through the reservoir, which is not under pressure. If the coolant is low during your initial check, recheck it monthly. If it keeps disappearing, you have a problem and need to bring the car to a dealer or repair shop. If the coolant level remains in the zone, you're good to go for a long time. Coolant lasts for years, but not indefinitely. Replacing it is a job for a repair facility.

Ready to pick up the wrench yourself?

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