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Check Car Tires

Tires are connection between your car and the road. You don't want to let them wear until they're bald. At that point, tires act like water skis when the road gets wet and ride on the film of water, making it much easier to lose control. Tread should be visible across the tire. The use of a penny works well to check if the depth of the tread is adequate. All you need to do is insert the edge of the penny into the tread, making sure Lincoln's head is upside down, the top of the president's head should be touching the tread, with the head facing you so you can see it. If you can see all of Lincoln's head, the tread grooves are too shallow to drive in wet weather. The grooves channel rainwater away and keep the tire in contact with the road. If you're unsure about whether the tires are due for replacement, go to a shop.

Ready to pick up the wrench yourself?

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