Dual-use wrench

Dual-use wrench: One end is the same as a single-headed spanner, and the other end is the same as a Phillips wrench. These two ends can turn bolts or nuts with different specifications.

Single-headed Wrench: This type of wrench has a fixed-size opening at one or both ends to turn a nut or bolt of a certain size. The dead spanner is also called open-end wrench, which is single- or double-headed.

Torx wrench: This type of wrench has working ends with hexagonal holes or 12-cornered holes at both ends, which is suitable for situations where the working space is narrow and ordinary wrenches cannot be used. Compared with open-end wrenches, plum wrenches have high strength and do not easily fall off during use. However, plum wrenches are difficult to attach and remove. Moreover, plum wrenches are usually heat treated after forging.

The 14-piece set dual-use wrench on this website is forged from high quality chrome vanadium steel


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