9 pieces of small toolbox for family

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The claw hammer is forged by high-quality carbon steel, quenched and annealed. It is durable, anti-drop and comfortable.
A Phillips / Slotted screwdriver. The screw head is specially heat-treated and has magnetic properties. It can hold the screw to work in a narrow place. It has a comfortable handle and is not easy to slip off.
The wire cutters are forged with high-quality carbon steel, which is high-quality and durable. The cutting edge has been specially heat-treated. It has excellent sharpness, a non-slip handle, a comfortable feel, and saves time and effort.
Insulating tape is made of PVC, with strong viscosity, corrosion resistance, super flame retardant performance, wear and moisture resistance, safety and reliability.
3 meters of sprayed tape measure, high-performance high-quality steel precision tape, no deformation after 10 million measurements Tape buffer recovery stop button and uniquely designed temporary stop button.
The blade of the utility knife is made of carbon steel, which is sharp and durable, comfortable to hold, convenient and practical. Contains 5 blades.
The test pencil is ABS engineering plastic shell, ergonomic design. With digital display LED screen. Measuring range 12-240V.

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