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    • a Phillips or slotted screwdriver The screw head has magnetic properties and has been specially heat-treated. It can keep the screw in place while working in a tight space. It has a comfortable grip and is difficult to slip off.
    • Precision screwdriver, four-piece screwdriver, removable tail, narrow size, and ease of use
    • Long hexagon socket is made of high quality steel, comes in an 8-piece set, has an L-shaped hexagon socket wrench, and comes in a variety of specifications.
    • Insulating tape is made of PVC and has a high viscosity, corrosion resistance, super flame retardant performance, wear and moisture resistance, safety, and reliability.
    • 3 meters of sprayed tape measure, high-performance, high-quality steel precision tape with no deformation after 10 million measurements
      Tape buffer recovery stop button, as well as a specially designed temporary stop button
    • The utility knife's blade is made of carbon steel, which is sharp and durable, as well as comfortable to hold, convenient, and practical. 5 blades are included.
    • The ABS engineering plastic shell test pencil has an ergonomic design. With a digital LED display screen. The measuring range is 12-240V.
    • Wire cutters (needle nose pliers) are forged from high-quality carbon steel. They are both high-quality and long-lasting. The cutting edges have been heat-treated specifically. They are extremely sharp, have non-slip handles, are comfortable to use, and save time and effort.
    • Wire stripping pliers are made of carbon steel and have an overall heat treatment as well as high-grade grinding teeth. Strip the wire precisely without damaging it.
    • The claw hammer is made of high-quality carbon steel that has been quenched and annealed. It is long-lasting, anti-drop, and comfortable.
    • The movable wrench allows you to adjust the caliber size as needed, and the thread adheres to the design, making it more practical.
    • The multimeter has a solid build and a consistent performance. It is used to measure DC and AC voltages, as well as provide overload protection and an LCD digital display.
    • The electric soldering iron has a high temperature handle, a stainless steel cover, and a high-quality heating element that is suitable for lead-free soldering.
    • The tin suction pump is made of ABS plastic and has a double-ring airtight design. It has a good use effect and a light appearance. It can be operated with one hand, is simple to disassemble, and is simple to clean.

30 piece toolbox

SKU: 582-G-c
  • 30 piece toolbox, including a stable and long-lasting multimeter, electric welding, an electric pen, and other electrician-related tools.

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