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Windshield Wipers

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

It's never fun to run out of washer fluid, but it's especially bad in the winter, when road debris and salt mess up the windshield and wreak havoc on your visibility. How often you need check the windshield washer reservoir depends on the season and also the weather. Here's how to check it. The reservoir is located under the hood. Washer tanks are often made of translucent material, but many are also tucked out of sight, so there's no way to tell how full they are, except when you fill them to the top. Remove the reservoir cap. It's marked with the icon of windshield-wiper spray. Fill the reservoir with washer fluid. Be careful not to use water. Freezing temperatures will cause the water in the reservoir to turn to ice, making your wipers useless. Commercial washer fluid has alcohol in it that keeps it from turning solid.

Ready to pick up the wrench yourself?

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