Dual-use wrench

Dual-use wrench: One end is the same as a single-headed spanner, and the other end is the same as a Phillips wrench. These two ends can turn bolts or nuts with different specifications.

Single-headed Wrench: This type of wrench has a fixed-size opening at one or both ends to turn a nut or bolt of a certain size. The dead spanner is also called open-end wrench, which is single- or double-headed.

Torx wrench: This type of wrench has working ends with hexagonal holes or 12-cornered holes at both ends, which is suitable for situations where the working space is narrow and ordinary wrenches cannot be used. Compared with open-end wrenches, plum wrenches have high strength and do not easily fall off during use. However, plum wrenches are difficult to attach and remove. Moreover, plum wrenches are usually heat treated after forging.

The 14-piece set dual-use wrench on this website is forged from high quality chrome vanadium steel


Advantages of ratchet wrenches

What are the advantages of ratchet wrenches?

A ratchet wrench can be used to rotate a bolt or nut placed in a narrow or hard-to-reach position. The ratchet wrench is rotatably connected to the end of the operating rod. The ratchet wrench has a weight connected to the

operating lever. The weight slides along the length direction of the operating lever, and the operating lever at the front of the weight has a front-weight-bearing portion that blocks the collision of the weight. Alternatively, the operating lever at the rear of the weight has a rear-weight-bearing portion that blocks the collision of the weight. Moreover, the operating lever can have both a front-weight-bearing portion and a rear-weight-bearing portion. Thus, users can save time and effort and improve work efficiency.

Chrome vanadium steel

Cr-V steel is an alloy tool steel with Cr-V alloy elements. After heat treatment, its hardness is 60 HRC (Rockwell hardness).

(1) In carbon steel, chromium can significantly improve strength, hardness, and wear resistance but at the same time reduce plasticity and toughness. Chromium can improve the oxidation and corrosion resistances of steel. Thus, chromium is an important alloy element for stainless steel and heat-resistant steel.

(2) Vanadium can be added to alloy steel as deoxidizer. The addition of 0.5% vanadium to steel can refine its structure and grain and improve its strength and toughness. The carbides formed by vanadium and carbon can improve the resistance to hydrogen corrosion under high temperature and pressure.

(3) Therefore, Cr-V steel has better mechanical properties and more stable chemical properties than ordinary carbon steel.

All tools in this site are forged from Cr-V steel.


Water pump pliers

What are water pump pliers?

Water pump pliers are a relatively small type of pliers. This type of pliers is similar to pipe pliers but is lighter and smaller than pipe pliers. Water pump pliers are mostly used to hold flat or cylindrical metal parts. This type of pliers has multiple position and size adjustments. In general, water pump pliers are suitable for household nonprofessional emergency or simple installation of water pipes and are commonly used as a tool for the installation and maintenance of automobiles, internal combustion engines, agricultural machineries, and indoor pipes.


Socket wrench

This type of wrench is composed of multiple sockets with hexagonal holes or 12-cornered holes and equipped with a variety of accessories, such as handles and posts. This wrench is particularly suitable for turning bolts or nuts with narrow or deep recesses. The socket wrench is mainly composed of a socket head, a handle, a ratchet handle, a quick rocker, a joint, and a post. Various handles are suitable for various occasions. Based on the principle of easy operation or improved efficiency in this website, 8 in one universal wrench has the advantages of convenience, speed, and portability. Many special socket wrenches, such as spark plug sockets, hub sleeves, and tire nut sleeves, are also used in automobile repairs.

Ratchet wrench

What is a ratchet wrench?

A ratchet wrench is a manual screw-tightening tool with a double-head multi-standard movable handle (fixed hole). This wrench is connected by the main and slave plum sleeves with different specifications and sizes by engaging the female and male hinges. Because a plum sleeve has two specifications for a plum-shaped through hole, it can be used to tighten two types of screws, thereby expanding its scope of use and saving raw materials and labor costs. The movable trigger can easily adjust the angle of the wrench. This wrench is used to tighten screws and has the characteristics of strong applicability, convenient use, and low cost.


Types of wrenches

The following are the common types of wrenches:


Torx wrench

Dual-use wrench

Adjustable wrench

Hook wrench

Socket wrench

Hexagonal wrench

Torque wrench

How the wrench works

The wrench is a hand tool that uses the principle of the lever to turn bolts, screws, nuts, and other threads to hold the openings or sleeve holes of bolts or nuts. The wrench usually has a shank portion at one or both ends, which is used to apply external force to turn the bolt or nut to hold the opening or sleeve hole of the bolt or nut. When the shank portion is used to apply external force along the direction of thread rotation, the bolt or nut can be turned. Wrenches are usually made of carbon or alloy structural steel. Chromium-vanadium (with the element symbol of Cr-V) steel is used in this site.